The actual cake inside was out of this world. I am not sure if you are using a from scratch recipe or what but it tastes better then any bakery cake we have ever had. tasted. I can not say enough wonderful things about the cake you made and everyone was talking about the great detail from the outside from the moment they walked in the door to how it tasted when we served it. How they expected the cake to be dry like bakery cakes and were blown away at how moist the cake was.

You are truly a wonderful pastry artist. That cake was truly an art form. I will be passing your number along to everyone I come in contact with.

— Amie

Hi Tasha, I just want you to know that the cake was a complete success everybody loved it and everybody asked who made it, so I gave them your card and I will be ordering from you again. By the way the cake was delicious Thank you very much you made my kids happy and you made every one jealous so Thank you and I will put my order again soon.

— Maria

Hi Tasha ... everyone is oooohing and ahhhhing over your cake!!! Thanks again

— Andre

Hi Tasha, the cake was a huge hit! Thanks


OMG! It is AWESOME!...

It is just amazing!

Thanks for your efforts!

— Jen

Just want to thank you for the wonderful cake, it was awesome everyone thought it wasn't a cake until it was time to cut it lol! Keep it up and before you know it your business would be on top of the hill! Thanks again!

— Marian Johnson

Hi Tasha! I have been meaning to email you…the cake was a HUGE HIT! Everyone LOVED it! It really was the crowning touch to the party! ... I am sure you will be getting some business from the party!

Thanks again!

The babies climbing on a mountain cake you made for us was a HUGE hit at the baby shower yesterday. Not only was everyone impressed by how awesome it looked but they raved about how delicious it was! I left out your cards and they were all gone by the end of the shower. Thank you so much for helping to make the event a success!

— Ellen

I wanted to let you know that everyone loved the mickey mouse cake and it was so good. One of the girls at the party belongs to a moms club and is going to list Hungry for cake on her blog. Maybe you will get some additional business from it. Thanks again we really enjoyed it.

— Lynn